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BOOK - Type A-2 Identification Manual

The Type A-2 Flight Jacket Identification Manual is the culmination of 10 years research, and more than 30 years of collecting. It's a complete reference on the production of one of the most influential garment designs of the 20th Century - the US Army Air Forces Type A-2 leather flight jacket.

Produced between the years of 1931 - 1943, the A-2 was produced under government contracts by a host of commercial garment manufacturers in the US. In the last few decades, original examples have become extremely collectable. Until now, it has been difficult for collectors and enthusiasts to be able to put into perspective all the various attributes associated with collecting these historic garments: how many were made; by who; at what cost; what hide types were used; what model zips were used etc.

Factual information and documents, collated from a number of official sources and government records, are revealed here for the first time, confirming once and for all the facts about details where previously speculation had existed. It is a complete work, categorising every maker, and every contract that was ever made, allowing the reader to look up a run-down of specific data on each model. In addition to this, other subjects such as: hide types, zips, labels, press studs, stamps, manufacturers etc, are covered, apprising the reader of all the pertinent information about production of this iconic garment.

A 'must have' for any flight jacket and vintage clothing collector/enthusiast.

Size: 180 x 260 mm
Pages: 214

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