Captiva Island Pendant

A cute way to show your love for Captiva!
Two things Captiva Island is known for are beautiful sunsets and shelling! With these custom pendants we tried our best to incorporate the two.
Pictured on the pendant are the coordinates of Captiva Island
(26.5276° N, 82.1948° W) and a Horse Conch shell which is the official state seashell of Florida.
"Captiva's Calling" is engraved on the back of each pendant. 
925 Sterling Silver
"Meet me where the sun touches the sea"
will be on the card you receive with the pendant.

Offering two sizes: Small (19mm) and Mini (15mm)

5 Colors: Ivory, Pink, Gold, Seafoam & Periwinkle.

The Mini size can also be worn on our Anklet Chain.


A few different ways to style your pendant listed below:

Wearing the Small Pink Captiva Pendant on the 16" 2.0mm Ball Chain.


Here it's paired with one of our many other Pendants!

Mini Seafoam Captiva Pendant, Medium Alpine White Mermaid Pendant, on the 18" 3.0mm Rolo Chain.


Worn as an Anklet.

Mini Gold Captiva Pendant on a Silver 9" Chain

If you're unsure on the anklet chain size I would recommend sizing up to an 11".


Email with any questions!